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Best Holiday Shopping Deals of the Week – December 16


Wow. Somehow, it happened again. Christmas is just over a week away, and we got no gifts purchased yet.

Good thing there’s still tons of great deals out there to be had! Not that we didn’t call it or anything (we totally did, humblebrag) but the best possible deals you can find this holiday season are out there right now. So why wait any longer? The reindeer might take too long, but Piggy’s got you covered. We got a quick curated list of some top deals (including many flash sales) below, and if you want more be sure to check out Piggy or install the Piggy plugin to your browser.

Ready to jump on these last-minute holiday deals? Use too. Let’s do this!

Macy’s: Up to 75% off Fine Jewelry (Flash Sale!) and up to 15% Cashback

If you’re like me and have been keeping an eye on some nice gifts for someone in your life but have waited to hit the “purchase” button, today’s your lucky day for those who require some nice jewelry in their lives. Macy’s is having a flash sale today with up to 75% off when you shop with Piggy, along with other coupon offerings and up to 15% cashback. Just as quickly as the holidays are coming up, deals like these are going to be coming and going faster than ever. So do yourself a favor: don’t wait until tomorrow for what will be gone at the end of the day today. This deal expires TODAY, 12/16!

Get Macy’s Deals and Cashback with Piggy

Pier 1: Up to $40 off a purchase $150 or more and up to 3% Cashback

Are you like me where you were planning on hosting a holiday dinner, only to realize you had no place to seat your guests because you didn’t have a table? Are you not like me and have adult furniture, but need to upgrade to something a bit nicer? Are you really not like me and treat yourself to a piece of new furniture as a way to fun shop? Hey, no judgments here, just wanted to let you know that Pier 1 has some awesome deals going on right now, including up to $40 off a purchase $150 or more. Now you can really get that nice upgrade you’ve been wanting – or just get a dining room table! Don’t wait though, because the $40 off offer expires 12/16!

Get Pier 1 Deals and Cashback with Piggy

Dell: Save 12% on Alienware PCs and up to 10% Cashback

If you couldn’t tell, we’re kind of nerds about gaming here. And who could blame us? Gaming is awesome. If you want to play the latest games on PC (or you just really want to play Fortnite on the latest hardware), you don’t need to sell your old PC for scrap to get a new one! Instead, why not check out the 12% off Alienware PC deal that Dell is running through Piggy, on top of their usual 10% cashback? Save that extra dough for games or a VR headset. 2020 has a killer lineup, and you’ll want that spare change to take full advantage of everything from Cyberpunk 2077 to Half-Life: Alyx.

Get Dell Deals and Cashback with Piggy

Barnes and Noble: Get 15% off your online order and up to 3% Cashback

Books. Movies. Music. Records. Board games. I mean, really, it’s kind of crazy to think of all the different gifts you can pick up for yourself and loved ones at Barnes and Noble. Not to mention how much a good book can impact someone’s life. And yes, I am talking about the Calvin and Hobbes collection. Obviously. Well, the good news is if you decide to shop at Barnes and Noble you can get 15% off your entire online purchase in addition to the 3% cashback. And they offer in-store pickup, so no need to wait for shipping! Oh, but you won’t want to wait, this deal expires 12/16. 

Get Barnes and Noble Deals and Cashback with Piggy

Jos. A. Bank: Multiple Coupons and up to 7% Cashback

I’ve been trying to come up with a good “coupons, cashback, bank” joke for the past 20 minutes and got nothing. There’s definitely something witty to be written, but I don’t have it. Anyways, tons of coupons at Jos. A. Bank available on top of normal cashback. Don’t worry about reading anything else in this section, it’s all just filler for word count to appease the SEO judges.

Get Jos. A. Bank Deals and Cashback with Piggy

Yes, time is running out, so get to shopping!

Seriously, how did we already get to a little more than a week away from Christmas? I totally dropped the ball on my own shopping. But hey, good thing there’s still plenty of time and even more deals to be had! Why wait to take advantage of them? Christmas gifts wait for no person, including Santa. Jump on these deals and the tons more we have with Piggy! You can either use our website to find deals at stores you love, or use the browser plugin to automatically find new deals as you shop! Not even Old Saint Nick could come up with something that amazing.

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Best Holiday Shopping Deals of the Week – December 9


Holiday shopping got you overwhelmed? Wishing you could find more holiday shopping deals like Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

We got one better for you. Actually, scratch that – we have many better for you! We grabbed some great deals from Piggy and put them in one convenient place for you. These are just five samples of the many deals we offer, and if you want more be sure to check out Piggy or install the Piggy plugin to your browser.

Ready to get some holiday shopping deals? We thought so!

Michael Kors: TODAY ONLY KORSVIP Members Take An Extra 25% Off + 25% Off Your Purchase and 4% cashback

Looking for something luxurious this holiday season to give a loved one – or yourself? Hey, we wouldn’t judge a self-present. After all, almost all holiday shoppers treat themselves to some gift this year. And if you decide to do that, you can be sure to get a great deal with Saks Fifth Avenue thanks to Piggy. Right now your entire purchase can be 15% off, and 10% off beauty and fragrance. This already-rare deal is made better by Piggy cashback through Saks Fifth Avenue. Specifically, you get up to 3% cashback on your purchase. Discounts or cashback? Get both, and get it on something luxurious this holiday season. But don’t wait too long, the extra 25% off sitewide offer expires TODAY 12/9!

Saks Fifth Avenue: 15% Sitewide and up to 3% Cashback

Looking for something luxurious this holiday season to give a loved one – or yourself? Hey, we wouldn’t judge a self-present. After all, almost all holiday shoppers treat themselves to some gift this year. And if you decide to do that, you can be sure to get a great deal with Saks Fifth Avenue thanks to Piggy. Right now your entire purchase can be 15% off, and 10% off beauty and fragrance. This already-rare deal is made better by Piggy cashback through Saks Fifth Avenue. Specifically, you get up to 3% cashback on your purchase. Discounts or cashback? Get both, and get it on something luxurious this holiday season. But don’t wait too long, the 15% off sitewide offer expires 12/10!

Get Saks Fifth Avenue Deals and Cashback with Piggy

Hilton Hotels: Multiple Coupons and up to 8% Cashback

Got holiday travel plans in the works, but still need a hotel? Why not stay with Hilton this holiday season. You can get 8% cashback, and upgrade your stay in a number of ways. A personal preference is to take advantage of the breakfast for 4 and wifi package offer. Wifi is essential in the digital world, and you can get yourself charged up for a day at Aunt Dottie’s with some eggs and coffee. There’s plenty of other offers to enhance your experience and make your stay right for you. That’s perfect, and can certainly be good to have a place of your own when Aunt Dottie starts singing holiday songs for the umpteenth time!

Get Hilton Hotels Deals and Cashback with Piggy

Home Chef: 3 Free Meals and $8 Cashback

Is there anything better than a home-cooked meal during a winter holiday? Yes, there is something better. It’s when you don’t have to go shopping for all the ingredients (what even is “chutney” anyway?) and have them delivered right to your doorstep instead. That’s what Home Chef can do for you. If you’re like us and just see the grocery store and think “yeah, I think I’m all set with going there today” but still want a meal you can prepare yourself, Home Chef is your answer. And right now you can get 3 free meals or $20 off 4 meals, as well as $8 cashback when you join Home Chef with Piggy.

Get Home Chef Deals and Cashback with Piggy

Zagg: 15% Off a Single Item and up to 10% Cashback

Have you gotten a new smartphone thanks to Black Friday or Cyber Monday? Are you waiting until Christmas morning to open your latest pieces of tech? Whether for you or someone else, everyone getting a new smart device this holiday season will have one thing in common: they’ll want to protect it. There’s nothing worse than getting a new phone and having it drop out of your hand and break one week in after all. So you should really consider jumping on this deal from Zagg. Right now you can get 15% off a single item and 10% cashback to boot. And that’s only the tip of the savings iceberg! Keep your smart devices safe this holiday season – and beyond. Your wallet will thank you for it later.

Get Zagg Deals and Cashback with Piggy

Groupon: Multiple Coupons for Every Activity and up to 7% Cashback

Don’t just think about materialistic goods this holiday season – go for something different! Get your loved ones (or yourself) an experience this year. Groupon can help with that. Right now they’re running deals in multiple categories for outings and adventures, so whether you’re an outdoorsy person looking for a fun day out and about, or your idea of an adventure is a spa day, Groupon has something for you – and Piggy has a deal to go with it! Not to mention the up to 7% cashback you get when you make your purchase. Go on an adventure this holiday season without breaking your bank!

Get Groupon Deals and Cashback with Piggy

This is only the start!

Want even more holiday shopping deals? Of course you do, who doesn’t? Luckily, Piggy has those for you with many great partners and countless great offers! Head to Piggy’s website to peruse our best deals, or make it easy and install the Piggy browser plugin. You’ll never miss another deal again!

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Choosing the Right TV on Black Friday

choosing the right TV for black friday

Hunting for a TV on Black Friday? You’re not alone. But with so many deals on different brands and models, it can be hard to pick the right one. This guide will be a good primer to help you find the best Black Friday TV for you.

First Things First: Are TVs on Black Friday Lower Quality?

So, this is a tricky answer. The short answer is “usually.” Some bigger brands will produce TVs specifically for Black Friday sales that are lower quality. You can identify them by comparing the model number to a TV you were considering that was on sale to tell the difference.

However, this doesn’t mean all TVs on sale will be like this. Plenty of TV’s on sale will have sales on them that are not produced specifically for Black Friday – they just may not be the lowest discounted. But that’s okay! Think quality rather than price. Also, think beyond the dollar tag on the item. Remember that Black Friday offers tons of creative discounts if you’re savvy – including cashback and other coupons. When something is higher but you want additional savings, look for the cashback.

Sounds Good – So How Do I Find a Good Black Friday TV?

This is easy, provided you’re doing your research.

First, research what TVs are on sale. Easy. There are Black Friday deals posted all over the place. Any store you go to will have a Black Friday flyer in-store or online. They’re not going to keep it a secret after all! Use that, take a look at some of the Black Friday TVs. Choose a few. Think about size, specs, features, all that jazz. This is easy!

Next, use an agnostic review site. I personally love using RTINGS.com. I used it to pick my last TV when I was having trouble. They’re incredibly thorough on their reviews, rating and reviewing areas I didn’t even consider but greatly impacted my television viewing experience. They also will help you determine what the TV is best-suited for using. Do you plan on upgrading your gaming on Black Friday with a new console to go with your TV? Better plan to get a TV that reduces headaches you may not think about until it’s too late, like having your control inputs lag.

Speaking of…

Choose Your Black Friday TV Based on Your Needs

Let’s be honest: when you look beyond basic features (more on that in a moment) your TV will be pretty unique. Using a TV for gaming requires some very different needs than using one to watch the Criterion Collection DVDs you have sitting in a basket under the TV.

You need to think about what you’re going to be using your TV for, rather than just picking one blindly – especially if you’re using the TV for gaming or sports. Research is so crucial at this point in your purchase. RTINGS.com is perfect for this. You can choose the best TVs based on what they’re used for, as well as search by what you’d use the TV to find the best ones in that category. Are you a sports fanatic that needs every spin of the football in perfect clarity? You’re going to have a much different set of needs than someone watching HD movies. Know your needs, and know what TVs are good for that.

Now, Let’s Talk About Those TV Terms…

OLED vs LED? 4K or 8K? Refresh rates? You’ll see a lot of terms like this when you look for TVs. If you’re confused by them, don’t worry – you’re not alone. You can find plenty of articles explaining these with incredible depths, but let’s keep this simple.

  • LED: Stands for light-emitting diode, but you probably won’t remember that. You won’t have to though. LED TVs have backlights that control individual areas of the screen, rather than giant tubes like an LCD. The easiest way to explain this: a Lite-Brite versus a fluorescent tube. LED TVs are like Lite-Brites – tons of individual lights, rather than the long tubes.
  • OLED: Sound like LED with a little extra? It’s quite different. But what you need to know is that OLED uses the pixels on the screen, rather than the lights behind the screen, to illuminate the picture. Since they illuminate “themselves” they’re a bit brighter and offer more vibrant colors.
  • 4K and 8K: This is the resolution. There is various media available in 4K, from Netflix to 4K movies, but you’ll need to make sure you can either stream the media or have a 4K player. Gaming consoles, such as the XBOX One X and the Playstation 4 Pro can render in 4K. If you don’t have anything that can play 4K this is a good future-proofing solution. Also, some media can raise their resolution to fit 4K screens. It won’t look as sharp as true 4K, but it will look good! There are a few 8K TVs out there, you may see them, but not a lot can be done to capture true 8K.
  • Refresh Rates: this is how often the picture refreshes on the screen. Think of it as a flipbook. The higher the refresh rate, the more the pages packed together, the clearer the movement on the flipbook looks. This is great for sports and games. Look hard for this – RTINGS can tell you which TVs have what refresh rates.

Finding the Best Black Friday TV Deals

Want the best deals this Black Friday, for TVs and more? Be sure you’re being a savvy shopper, and be sure to install the Piggy browser plugin for your online shopping. This plugin will help you find the best deals, compare prices, and uncover additional discounts and cashback automatically. It’s free, so check it out at joinpiggy.com to get started!

Best Video Games to Buy on Black Friday and Cyber Monday


Whether you’re looking to beef up your video game library, get a nice gift for the video game enthusiast in your life, or just starting to dip your toes in the world of gaming, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are perfect times to get some great video games at great prices. But with so many video games on sale, how do you know what’s good versus what’s cheap?

Fear not: we’re kind of gaming experts around here. And, more importantly, we’re here to help you.

If you already read our great holiday shopping guide on the Nintendo Switch you’re a step ahead of the game. If you haven’t, no worries – this guide will give you exactly what you need. So, without further adieu, here are some games you should get during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

$10 and Below: Bloodborne (I Can’t Believe This Game is That Cheap!)

Our Pick: Bloodborne (PS4 Exclusive)

Image result for bloodborne

Right out of the gate there are some amazing $10 deals on games, but there can be only one winner in this category. So it makes sense that the winner would be in my top-five all-time favorite games. It may even be number one. I don’t make that statement lightly: Bloodborne combines fast-paced action with blood-curdling horror. The game is unforgiving and unrelenting, but that makes every step you progress earned. Every boss you overcome is rewarding. There’s nothing else quite like it in gaming. This game is *not* for entry-level gamers, or people looking for a relaxing experience. This game is tough, and won’t quit until you beat it. From start to finish, it’s one of the best gaming experiences you have. And at $10 there’s a low risk in trying it.

Honorable Mentions: Nioh (PS4 Exclusive), The Last of Us (PS4 Exclusive), God of War (PS4 Exclusive)

$15 Range: Resident Evil 2 (This Amazing Game, at This Amazing Price)

Our Pick: Resident Evil 2

Image result for resident evil 2

There is *a lot* of competition in this category. A lot. So this decision did not come lightly. However, a beautiful remake of a zombie horror classic that just came out earlier this year? It’s hard to say no to what could end up being 2019’s Game of the Year at 75% off. And there’s a lot to love about this game. The graphics are gorgeous. The scares are there. The experience is both nostalgic and entirely new. Seriously, if you haven’t played this game, Black Friday deals are the perfect time to get it. Note that Resident Evil 2 is available on both XBox One and Playstation 4, but check to ensure which one you’re getting – and that it’s the one on sale.

Runner Up: LEGO Harry Potter

Image result for lego harry potter video game

You know what I like about the LEGO games? They’re relaxing. I can play them with my little nephew, my wife, or myself. I can take them serious, or I can relax and goof around in them. Much like the LEGO toys themselves, imagination is what carries the LEGO games. So take one of the world’s most popular toys and add one of the world’s most beloved franchises, and what do you get? Yeah, a great deal! Absolutely *perfect* gift to get a child or younger relative, or someone who wants a more casual gaming experience.

Honorable Mentions: Spider-Man (PS4), Grand Theft Auto V, The Lion King/Aladdin Remastered, The Division 2

$20 Range: The Witcher 3 (Great Savings, Great Gaming)

Our Pick: The Witcher 3

Image result for the witcher 3 wild hunt

This is such an odd category because it floats in between two big sales categories. You’ll find a lot for $15 and a lot for $25, but not as much for $20. We have no idea why. Here’s what we do know: at $20, the Witcher 3 is still one of the best buys you can make for video games. Not only do you get hours upon hours of (like, hours, talking in the hundreds here!) of content, you also get one of the most engrossing and dynamic fantasy worlds available in gaming. It doesn’t hurt that Netflix is literally hurling money at their Witcher TV series. It’s being called the next Game of Thrones, and regardless of how you feel about the ending, this can only be good news. So get ready for the Netflix show, or just experience one of the most developed and realized worlds in the history of gaming.

Honorable Mention: Days Gone (PS4 Exclusive)

$25 Range: Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (You Literally Should Not Miss This Deal)

Our Pick: Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Image result for sekiro shadows die twice

You’ve always wanted to be a ninja. That’s not a question, just a statement of fact. And since it’s a fact, we have great news: this category can make that happen. Take the creators of Bloodborne and Dark Souls, add a feudal Japan setting, and give you the power to be a literal ninja. You end up with what is my personal game of the year, and one of the best action games of the past few years. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is not a game for everyone. Much like Dark Souls and Bloodborne, this game is tough. However, despite the difficulty, Sekiro is really fun. Sekiro offers a lot, but the thing it offers most is the most engaging, involved, and exciting sword combat I’ve ever played. For you veteran gamers, this title may remind you of Tenchu, an old ninja game on the Playstation 1 and 2. There’s a reason for that: Sekiro was originally going to be a new Tenchu game. A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet, and the same holds true for Sekiro. It is a fantastic ninja game, and if you can handle the difficulty there are tons to love.

Runner Up: Red Dead Redemption 2

Image result for red dead redemption 2

I never played the Red Dead Redemption games very much. My Xbox 360 died while I was playing the first one, and the second one came out during an abundance of other games and I never got back to it. However, I swore that when the price went down I would pick it up because my friends all raved about this game. Well, the price is down, and now is the time to jump on what is considered one of the great western games ever made. It has a fantastic story, fun action sequences mixed with cathartic open-world exploration, and is considered one of the most realistic games of all time. Give it a look!

Honorable Mentions: Mortal Kombat 11, Diablo 3 (Nintendo Switch)

$27 Range: Madden 20 and NBA 2K20 (Literally Just the Sports Category)

Our Pick: Madden 20, NBA 2K20, FIFA 20, WWE 2K20

Image result for nba 2k20

This is literally just the latest sports games at about half off. No real explanation on these. If you like sports games or know someone who does then this is a great bargain. That’s it. Next category.

$30 Range: Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (A Game You Don’t Find This Cheap Ever)

Our Pick: Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Nintendo Switch)

Image result for legend of zelda breath

There’s something you need to know about Nintendo games and sales: they almost never happen. Outside of the occasional $10-$15 off, first-party Nintendo games (Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, etc) never go on sale. Ever. Ever. So, when there is a sale on Nintendo games you should be all over it. This year will be no exception, with plenty of amazing Nintendo Switch games getting 50% discounts from their MSRP. The reason we recommend Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild over all of them (and other games in this range) is simple. It’s the best game ever made. Period. I love Bloodborne, and I think Sekiro could be my game of the year, but Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild beats them both. Why? The answer is everything. Combat feels great. Exploration is exciting without being disorienting. The music is a masterpiece. The story is told in a way no other Zelda game has attempted before it. Seriously, if Skyrim was the game that reinvented open-world exploration, Breath of the Wild perfected it. At $30 you would be insane to pass this up.

Honorable Mentions: Super Mario Odyssey, Super Mario Party, Splatoon 2, Borderlands 3

How to Get Started

These deals look good to you? Good, they do to us too. Here’s even better news: some of them are available right now.

Since Black Friday and Cyber Monday ads are still trickling out, we took a look at three major ads to pull this list together: Best Buy, Walmart, and Target. All this info is available on their sites, and when you use Piggy you can find additional discounts and savings for shopping at each of these retailers.

We have the Black Friday shopping guides for each of these sites below, as well as a link to get the Piggy browser extension. It will automatically find the best deals and prices for you with these retailers and include coupons and cashback too. You’re always getting the best deal with Piggy, and all you need to do is have the plugin on your browser and shop like you normally would. Give it a try, and be sure to keep checking back to this blog for more shopping guides for the holiday season!

Nintendo Switch 2019 Holiday Shopping Guide

Nintendo Switch Lite

Though the Nintendo Switch will be three years old in March, it remains one of the hottest selling video game consoles on the market. And with good reason – a strong library of games that are enhanced by the Switch’s dual gameplay experiences. If you want to play your games on TV, simply put the console in its dock and remove the controllers (called Joy-Cons). If you want to play on the go, all you need to do is remove the device and play on the built-in HD screen.

An expanded game library, new online functionality, and quality-of-life device upgrades all make the Switch a hot item this holiday season. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about the deals you’ll find this holiday season, as well as a breakdown of the best games, accessories, and add-ons.

Choosing Between the Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo Switch Lite

Nintendo Switch Lite

When it comes to the Nintendo Switch itself, holiday shoppers will have two (or three, depending on your perspective) versions of the device to choose from – the Nintendo Switch, and the Nintendo Switch Lite.

The differences are key, and extend beyond price. The Nintendo Switch is what you’ve probably seen the past few years – a device that plugs into a dock to play on your TV, and then can be taken wherever you head for on-the-go gaming. The device has two detachable controllers on each side. This device retails at around $299. 

There’s also a newer version, called the Nintendo Switch Lite. This device retails at $199, a full $100 cheaper! But if the “Lite” in the name wasn’t an indicator, the Nintendo Switch Lite has a pretty significant difference: it can’t be docked and played on the TV. The Nintendo Switch Lite is purely a handheld console with non-detachable Joy-Con controllers (you can use other controllers on it).

There’s also a third Nintendo Switch model you’ll want to be mindful of when shopping. This model is also called “Nintendo Switch” because it’s the same as the one we mentioned above, but won’t have an improved battery life than you can find in most stores now. There’s a key way to tell which is which – a Nintendo Switch in an all-red box is the newer version of the Switch with a longer battery life, the red-and-white box is the older version with a lower battery life. You won’t see these red-and-white boxes very often anymore, but we bring this up because during Black Friday sales you may see a discounted Nintendo Switch bundle featuring a red-and-white box. Now, we’ve had our Nintendo Switch since it came out and haven’t had much issues with the lower battery life, but if this is a factor to you then you’ll want to be mindful of which version you’re buying.

Essential Nintendo Switch Games to Buy This Holiday Season

nintendo switch pokemon sword and shield

Super Mario. The Legend of Zelda. Pokemon. These are just some of the many worldwide franchises that you can only get on Nintendo consoles. The Nintendo Switch offers a wide variety of great games from these franchises (and others!) but knowing what to buy can be daunting. Fear not though, let’s help you figure out which games are right by breaking down some of the franchises and games you should look into.

  • Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield: After 20-plus years of waiting, one of gaming’s most iconic franchises is coming to a home console device with the release of Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. This new adventure takes place in a British-inspired world with British-inspired Pokemon. This is likely to be one of the biggest selling video games of 2019 – despite coming out in mid-November – and definitely worth picking up!
  • Luigi’s Mansion 3: It’s tough being Luigi. He was always player 2 to Mario, and his own adventures have seen him in weird knock-off games from the Super Nintendo era, or haunted houses. Luigi’s Mansion 3 continues the haunted house tradition of throwing the green plumber in a spooky environment where he must capture ghosts, only this time it’s not just a house – it’s a whole hotel!
  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening: Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was one of only two launch games when the Nintendo Switch came out in March of 2017, and it was received as one of the best games ever made. This is not a light statement: the open-world environment with the freedom to adventure and creative ways to keep the player motivated to explore is revolutionary, and had never been achieved so well in a video game before. Almost three years later this game is still a joy to play – and because it is almost three years old there will be plenty of Black Friday sales for it! Likewise, Link’s Awakening is a classic, 2D style Zelda game that was remade from an original Game Boy game. The game plays great and is perfect for someone who likes the experience of an old school Zelda game but may shy away from a more open, free-forming experience that Breath of the Wild boasts.
  • Super Mario Odyssey: The first 3D open-level Super Mario game to have been released since Super Mario 64, Super Mario Odyssey takes the plumber across worlds to once again defeat Bowser. The experience is made fresh by the vast amount of collectibles in unique and vibrant worlds, as well as Cappy – Mario’s hat that he uses to throw enemies, perform daunting jumps, and turn into objects such as a tree or a dinosaur (yes, seriously). This is another game you’ll find on many Black Friday sales lists, and definitely should be taken advantage of!
  • Super Smash Bros Ultimate: Super Smash Bros is a fighting game that seems to transcend genres. It can be the ultimate party game, or it can be ultra-competitive. It can be perfect for beginners and a game that takes eons to master. The newest version for the Switch, Ultimate, features the biggest cast of fighters in the series ever by bringing every single fighter back – and bringing some new ones on in the process. Now you can see Mario, Link, Pikachu, and Samus Arin square off against Solid Snake, Banjo-Kazooie, Ryu, and Piranha Plant. And that’s only the tip of the insanity iceberg.

Other games to consider:

  • Fire Emblem: Three Houses
  • Super Mario Party
  • Super Mario Maker 2
  • Super Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
  • The Witcher 3
  • Yoshi’s Crafted World
  • Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3
  • Overwatch

Getting Nintendo Switch Online

nintendo switch online

Nintendo Switch has many games that can be played online, but like the Xbox and Playstation counterparts, Nintendo has their own paid online experience. Nintendo Switch Online can be purchased on a monthly or annual basis, with prices varying depending on how long you get a subscription.

Nintendo Switch Online enables you to play games online with other people like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and Super Mario Maker 2. Additionally, Nintendo Switch Online also offers Nintendo and Super Nintendo games for free.

At $20 for an annual subscription you’ll get access to a huge library of classic games from the 8-bit and 16-bit era of gaming, many of them updated with online functionality. It’s a great deal and subscriptions can be purchased through Nintendo or via a Nintendo Switch Online card. The cards are available at most retailers and make a perfect additional gift for a gamer who wants to bring his gameplay online.

Great Nintendo Switch Accessories

nintendo switch carrying case

Once you’ve got your console, games, and Nintendo Switch Online subscription selected for yourself or someone you’re shopping for, you’ll want to think about accessories. The Switch has a wide range of accessories to take advantage of, but these are some of the most essential:

  • A Nintendo Switch Carrying Case: The Nintendo Switch is the ultimate on-the-go system, so it’s worth making sure that the console is protected when you or a loved one is out and about! A Nintendo Switch carrying case comes in a variety of styles and can keep your Switch and games organized in one central place.
  • A Screen Protector: Bringing the Switch around means you run the risk of scuffing up the screen. Unlike a smartphone, the screens aren’t as easily replaced. So why risk it? Get a screen protector for the Switch! It’s a small but smart investment.
  • A Power Bank: There are many portable power banks available, so do your research to ensure that you’re getting a power bank that holds enough juice to help recharge the Switch when it runs low on battery life. Also be mindful that the Switch is charged via USB-C, so you’ll either need a USB-to-USB-C cord, or get a power bank with a USB-C port to plug the Switch into.
  • Extra Joy-Cons: The Joy-Con controllers are great because they can be used separately as two controllers, or together as one controller. Getting an extra pair of Joy-Con controllers expands your controller options from 1-2 to 3-4, and for games like Super Mario Party a Joy-Con controller is the only type of controller that can be used.
  • A Nintendo Switch Pro Controller: Simply put, one of the best controllers ever made. It’s comfortable, responsive, has a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 70 hours, and will likely be on sale this holiday season! 

This is only the start! We’ll have more shopping guides all throughout the holiday season. And if you’re ready to start shopping around now, make sure you install the Piggy plugin! Head to joinpiggy.com to start looking for deals and get the browser app to find even more savings automatically!

3 Expert-Level Holiday Shopping Tips


Halloween is behind us, and though feasts of turkey, cranberries, and stuffing are on the horizon there is something much bigger coming: holiday shopping.

Every year around this time holiday shoppers begin making their lists and checking it twice. Unlike that free-loader Santa Claus, these lists not only incorporate what to get other people (and what to ask for), they also anticipate how to get the best discounts and deals. Black Thursday, Black Friday, Cyber Monday – these are just a few of the days dedicated to great deals.

But deals aren’t exclusive to a handful of day, the deals are all throughout the season. Even more important, deals aren’t just exclusive to a price cut. Becoming a savvy holiday shopper means thinking beyond a percent off and getting strategic about your deal-seeking purchases. We here at Piggy will teach you the tricks of the trade to being an A+ holiday shopper, and the tool to get it done.

1. Look for Coupons

Coupons have evolved from the “Sunday coupon clipping.” Now, finding a coupon is as easy as a Google search. If you have a browser plugin on your desktop (Such as the Piggy plugin) or an app on your phone, finding a coupon can be done in a breeze.

Some shoppers may quickly handwave a coupon in favor of a reduced price, but consider this: most coupons offer an alternative means to savings or supplemental discounts. You could end up saving more on the total cost by using a coupon for something like free shipping, or taking advantage of a percentage off deal that could be greater than the already competitive discount!

A browser plugin like the Piggy plugin will have an additional advantage: it will auto-find coupons for you for the site you’re on. That means even if you forget to search for a coupon before getting to a checkout screen, Piggy will find the coupons for you. What’s more, Piggy is able to check the available coupons and calculate how much you’ll save, ensuring you get the deepest discount automatically. The best part: if there are multiple coupons on a site you won’t have to type each one in. The Piggy plugin will check all the coupons for you automatically.

2. Cashback is King

Cashback could be the hidden saver this holiday season, and might even end up saving you more than just discounted prices alone. 

There are a few reasons for this. First, cashback is key during holiday shopping periods. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the like are great for combining deals, but cashback is persistent throughout the holiday season. Further, you can find cashback increases on “off-periods” of holiday shopping. That means even beyond those big discount days you’ll find an abundance of savings.

The second reason is that cashback offers will fluctuate. You’ll find good cashback deals on key holiday shopping dates, but you could find even better cashback offers on days you wouldn’t normally shop. You’ll have to keep an eye out on things like cashback flash deals or increases for a quick period. Visiting Piggy’s site and using the browser plugin will help you with that.


3. Think Beyond the Product

Everyone loves the idea of opening a present during the holidays, but not everyone wants something materialistic. Trips, activities, adventures – these are the things that speak to many! 

But that doesn’t mean you have to give up the chance for discounts, cashback, or coupons. There are plenty of deals on experiences available, with the same opportunity for additional savings during the holiday shopping period. The trick is knowing where to look.

That’s where the plugin can help, in addition to any research you decide to do. You’ll want to get creative with where you search too. Travel sites are great, but there’s plenty of sites dedicated to finding local experiences for you to purchase, as well as online retail sites that have experiences available for purchase (such as Groupon).

The Tool to Help: the Piggy Browser Plugin

As you may have guessed right now, the tool that can help you with all these shopping opportunities is the Piggy browser plugin. This will help you find discounts faster, take advantage of deals easier, and find the best price in a flash. What are you waiting for? Get your holiday shopping strategies started by installing the browser plugin now! 

Installing the plugin is as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4:

1. Head to joinpiggy.com

2. Click that “Add to Chrome” Button

3. Install the Plugin

4. Start shopping!

8 Popular Halloween Costumes for 2019

Joker is always a popular Halloween Costume

Haven’t started your Halloween shopping yet, including looking for a Halloween costume? No need to worry. There’s plenty of Halloween costumes to choose from, but we chose eight of the most popular ones for you to consider this Halloween!

1. Pennywise from IT

Pennywise from IT would be a great halloween costume

The iconic killer clown is back again this season with the release of IT Chapter Two back in September. Fans of creepy clowns will jump at the chance to dress as Bill Skarsgard’s interpretation of Pennywise. This is also a chance to be a little retro and dress as Tim Curry’s version of Pennywise too! 

2. Scoops Ahoy from Stranger Things

Stranger things scoops ahoy halloween costumes will be very popular

Netflix’s hit TV show about Dungeons and Dragons (kind of) returned for a third season this past summer, but the momentum certainly carries itself into Halloween. The most recent season also lends itself perfect to the Halloween costume shopper with Scoops Ahoy, the fictional version of Baskin Robbins in Hawkins. Of course, you can also dress in your best eighties attire and say you’re from the show. If there’s something Stranger Things loves more than eldritch horrors, it’s reliving the eighties.

3. The Joker from Joker

Joker is always a popular Halloween Costume

Joker is one of the most popular costumes every year because people like to dress up as Batman and another group of people like to dress up as Batman’s nemesis in the hopes they’ll meet at a bar or party or something. The release of Joker this past October will ensure another round of Joker costume interpretations to join the legion of comic book, Heath Ledger, Jack Nicholson, and the animated Batman series. But not Jared Leto. Never that Joker.

4. Literally Anyone from the Avengers: Endgame

Avengers Endgame halloween costume options are a'plenty!

So, Avengers: Endgame was a pretty big deal huh? Kinda comes as no surprise that literally any character from the movie will be popular this year. Also leaves a wide variety of characters to choose from since pretty much every character ever to appear in a Marvel movie made some sort of an appearance. We’ll just give you some of the most popular ones you’ll probably see: Thanos, Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Gamora, Hulk, Black Widow, Captain America, Loki. That should be a good start.

5. Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones

jon snow and dany targ from game of thrones are good halloween costume options

The conclusion to the biggest television phenomenon of all time will no doubt inspire many to dress up as the two most popular characters from the show. If you want to change things up you can also do Sansa Stark or Arya Stark. If you really want to go all out, you can dress as a dragon. Best to jump on this one before the legion of new shows on the history of Westeros come to fruition!

6. Claire Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy from Resident Evil 2

Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield from Resident Evil 2 would make great halloween costumes

The remaster of classic horror-survival game Resident Evil 2 has been one of the most popular games of the year. No doubt the gamers out there will want to take advantage of recently-used Comic Con cosplay to dress up as Leon and Claire for Halloween. It helps that there’s plenty of zombies to take care of. Let’s just hope if you choose to dress up as one of these characters you don’t run into a Mr. X costume!

7. Super Mario from Super Mario Bros.

I mean, when isn’t this Halloween costume popular? It’s a-him, Super Mario. He destroys Bowser, has his friends over for parties and kart racing, and even has his own theme park opening next spring in Japan! That’s true, you can look it up. Mario isn’t even the only good option: you got Luigi, Toad, Peach, Wario, Yoshi, and I’m sure you could find a Bowser costume out there somewhere. Be the icon of video games this Halloween.

8. Harry Potter from the Wizarding World Universe

Much like Mario and Batman, Harry Potter and his band of merry wizards have become a cultural phenomenon the likes of which ensure costume makers will always be able to have some sure-fire source material to work with. Everyone loves Harry Potter, old and young, and it’s an easy costume to pull off. Get a big robe, buy a wand and a scarf, and cast magic on candy all night. 

Looking for more deals this Halloween season? Want to find great cashback and coupon offers on the best Halloween costumes? Piggy can help! Check out Piggy to learn more about deals October for your Halloween costume needs.

2019 Halloween Shopping Guide to Planning Your Deals

Halloween shopping season for halloween costumes, decorations, candy, and more

October guarantees a few things: fall weather in full swing, spooky movie marathons, and tons of Halloween shopping. From costumes to candy and decorations, Halloween is hugely celebrated. But for such a big celebration, Halloween is short. Well, “short” relatively speaking – we’re talking about a solid month or less before the holiday season kicks in, and when it does it lasts for months!

Needless to say, you want to make the most of your Halloween without breaking your wallet. That’s why we put together this guide of amazing Halloween discounts for all your Halloween shopping needs. After all, the one thing you shouldn’t fear this season is missing out!

Halloween Costumes

Halloween costume shopping means finding halloween costumes for kids and for adults

Halloween Costumes are essential for many occasions, from Trick-r-Treating and Halloween parties to themed parades and fun nights out on the town. Kids and adults alike want to look their absolute best for the season, but costumes can add up fast on their own. Throw in some accessories and makeup and you could see your bank account empty faster than the elevator in The Shining.

The tough thing about shopping for Halloween costume discounts is that costumes are never more in-demand than they are during this season. Hefty discounts are scarce…if you’re not a savvy shopper. But you are a savvy shopper (you’re reading this blog post after all) so you know how to find spooktacular deals!

The main focus should be on cashback deals. Think long term when you’re making your purchase, not just the end dollar-off amount. If your costume costs $100 at multiple places, but one place offers 12% cashback on your purchase, where you purchase from is a no-brainer.

The next thing you should look for is any coupons that may feature a percent off your total purchase, or even offer free shipping. Some coupons may exclude costumes, but if accessories are still part of the deal you can save a decent chunk of change while keeping your costume looking amazing. And shipping costs can always add up, especially if you need rush-shipping because you didn’t jump on your costume right away, so always keep an eye out on any coupons that offer free shipping. Yes, it may not seem like much of a difference at first, but when you compare the saving directly you’ll find it adds up quick.

Halloween Costumes…for Your Pet

Yup, you read that right. You think kids and adults are the only ones who wear costumes? Think again. Your little furry buddies are ready to be all dressed up to join in on the season fun with a Halloween costume of their own. 

While dressing up your pet can be fun for parties, Instagram, or personal entertainment, costumes for your pet can be quite costly. Luckily, in addition to Halloween costume stores selling some pet costumes, many pet stores also stock up on costumes for cats and dogs. That means, in addition to deals you can find at Halloween stores, you can also take advantage of any coupons or cashback offers available at pet stores! Make sure you double-check the offers to ensure it doesn’t exclude seasonal items, but this can be a huge difference-maker in your Halloween pet costume shopping!

Halloween Decorations

Halloween shopping for Halloween decorations

The first thing any Halloween holiday shopper needs to know is that there are many places to get decorations, from department stores and craft supply stores, to specialty stores fitted exactly for the season. What you want will dictate the type of store you need – and the discounts you can find.

Department stores will have a nice blend of seasonal decorations (spider webs, colored lights, decorations to hang on your wall and windows), which means you’ll not only find these at a good price, you can probably find good deals and promotions running through the store from coupons to cashback.

Craft stores will be a little artsier. You may find some of the more accent or subtle Halloween decorations at stores like these. These are perfect for complimenting a bathroom or decorating a countertop, or if you want to keep things milder and give a good mix between fall and Halloween without going over the top of the spooky season vibes. The best part about craft store decorations is that you can also find a great mix of different decorations that you can compliment your own house with, rather than having to adjust to the traditional decorations you’re used to seeing. 

Of course, if you really want to do it up this Hallow’s Eve, Halloween specialty stores will offer a wide range of different decorations. Some will be in line with what you could find at your average department store, but the real excitement comes from things like stand up animatronic decorations, spooky soundtracks, strobe lights, fog machines – if you can find it in a haunted house attraction, you can probably find it at a Halloween specialty store. If you want to become a neighborhood legend, this should be your first start. 

The same rules apply to Halloween specialty stores as costume shopping (since you’ll often find both in the same place), so plan your discount strategy accordingly. Think long term, especially if you’re buying bigger purchases like animatronics, because you’ll be spending a good amount and the cashback will make a huge difference!

Halloween Candy

Honestly, you find it everywhere. Halloween stores, department stores, drug stores, grocery stores, heck even retail stores will have them. You probably don’t need us for this one.

Though, if we may offer one piece of advice: if you want to be the House of Legends, the House That was Promised, the beloved Full Bars House, buy bulk. 

Halloween Movies

IT Chapter 2 is one of many Halloween movies out this october

Whether you’re looking to stream or go to the movies, there’s always a good deal to be had. With movies like IT: Chapter 2 already playing and plenty of horror movies coming out in the coming weeks, you’ll be able to find something frightful to watch in theaters. However, if you want to stream there are countless options of movies available, from the scariest of scary to horror-comedy movies that even your kids can enjoy. 

The best move is to check what quick cashback you can get with these purchases, or if there are any coupons and promotions available to offset some of the cost, or even get a bargain with multiple movies.

For in theater options, Piggy and Fandango have plenty of offers available and check around the Piggy website for deals to get your home streaming experience going.

And Everything Else for Halloween!

Did we miss something essential? Are you looking for more deals and discounts on products and categories we didn’t even mention? Let us know! We’ll be doing spooky content for the month and are happy to answer any questions you have on how to get the best deals this Halloween season. And be sure to check out all the deals we have going on at Piggy, Halloween or otherwise!

A Coffee-Lover’s Guide to Choosing Your Beans and Brew Style for International Coffee Day

Choosing your method for brewing coffee for international coffee day is just as important in choosing the coffee itself

KCoffee. If there’s anything better than a fresh cup to start your morning, pick up your afternoon, or enjoy after a heavy dinner, we don’t know what it would be. If we were to rank some of our favorite things, coffee would be in the top three. And we’re not alone.

But coffee is interesting. For as much as people love it, they may not know much about it. Sure, there are different brewing methods, but what makes them different, and why does that matter? Does dark roast have more or less caffeine in it? 

In honor of International Coffee Day this September, we have a quick guide to getting started for your own coffee brewing endeavors. You’ll learn what the differences between three common types of coffee bean roasts are, different methods of brewing (with links to tutorials on how to do each one), and finally how to select your particular bean or grind. This will be everything you need to get started with your own coffee brewing experience!

Light, Medium, or Dark: Choosing Your Roast

Coffee beans come in all different types, but whether you choose light, medium, or dark for international coffee day will impact the coffee experience greatly

If you’ve ever ordered a coffee you may have been put on the spot when you get asked “what type of roast do you want?” You’re not alone if you don’t know how to answer and just choose one of the three. But the each one offers distinct differences.

Light Roast: Light roast coffee has no oil on the bean and a lot of its original flavor because the bean hasn’t been heavily roasted. That also means that most of the caffeine is retained, giving light roast coffee a nice kick for those who prefer it. Great for a morning boost or an afternoon pick-me-up, light coffee also has a pronounced acidity to it.

Medium Roast: Medium roast coffee is a bit more balanced in everything from aroma and acidity to caffeine and flavor. Don’t think that “the middle of the road” roast coffee is a blend of both light and dark though – medium roasts are a classic style of coffee and the most common you’re likely to get when you order a “cuppa” anywhere. And with good reason – medium roast coffee is the most popular coffee roast in America.

Dark Roast: Dark roast coffee has bitter notes to its taste, low caffeine, and rich flavor. Those who really enjoy a strong taste, but will sacrifice caffeine and acidity to their drink should order dark roast. You may notice that the beans on dark roast are a bit oily, which is natural as the bean gets most roasted. 


Choosing Your Coffee Brew Method

Choosing your method for brewing coffee for international coffee day is just as important in choosing the coffee itself

How do you take your coffee? Do you prefer it hot or cold? Do you like a cold brew? French press? How you prepare your coffee matters just as much as the type of roast you select. Below are just some of the more popular ways you can be a master barista in your own home.

Drip Brew

If you’ve ever brewed coffee in your home, in a hotel room, at an office, really anywhere, you’d have encountered a drip brew. Ground coffee beans are placed on a filter and water is heated in a reservoir before – you guessed it – dripping through the grinds and filter in a cup, pot, mug, you name it. K-cups are the same concept as a drip brew, designed to make a quick, one-off cup. However, using ground coffee with a proper drip brew maker means a lot more coffee can be made, and made fast. Your typical drip coffee maker will have speed and quantity as it’s key benefits.


Take a drip brew process, remove the machine, but keep the coffee and the filter, and you’ve got the basics of a pour-over. Where the differences lie is in control. Your typical drip brew coffee maker will be very automated, with the higher end ones capable of more features. A pour-over, however, gives you complete control over your brew, similar to using a camera on “automatic” settings versus “manual.” You control the temperature, the consistency, the quality, all of which will give you a richer and smoother cup. Pour-over methods may seem intimidating at first glance for its manual process, but if you’ve ever made a cup of tea, you’ll be more than capable of handling a pour-over. The best part? Pour overs give you the same (or better) quality coffee as a high-end drip machine, but at a fraction of the cost.

Watch: Getting start with a pour-over

French Press

Sometimes called a “press pot” method of brewing, the French Press is commonly known but not as commonly used among many at-home brewers. The misconception about the French Press method of coffee brewing is that it’s complicated. The reality is brewing a pot of French Press coffee is something anyone can do, provided they know what they’re doing. The French Press doesn’t take long to brew – in fact, most of the process is letting the water soak with the grinds – but it does demand good equipment. A poorly-made French Press could have the grinds “leak” when you press down, resulting in your coffee having some unwanted chunks in it.

Watch: Brewing with a French Press


You might be quick to dismiss Chemex as “pour over 2.0” but in doing so you would deprive yourself of a richer, more flavorful cup of coffee – not to mention some of the differences in the pour itself. Though the process is similar, the Chemex uses a thicker filter that draws the drip out longer – creating that bolder flavor. You can also brew more coffee with a Chemex, as the Chemex can come in a bigger size. There are a few more steps involved in the Chemex process compared to a pour-over, but if you prefer a strong flavor that brings out all the notes in your coffee, there’s no question that a Chemex brew will go the extra mile for you.

Watch: Brewing with a Chemex

Cold Brew

Cold brew coffee will be the longest cup you’ll have ever brewed, but the payoff will be in the flavor and concentration. This type of coffee takes about 12 hours to properly make. After it’s complete, you will need to mix it with water to dilute the concentration. You also should do that to avoid over caffeinate yourself. After all, a cup of coffee is great in the morning, but you don’t want to go 0-100 at 8:30 AM – unless you want to crash hard by the afternoon! Cold brew, despite its name, does not need to be brewed cold – it can be done at room temperature, though drinking the cold brew over ice is a popular way of enjoying this tasty drink!

Watch: Creating your cold brew


Not One Grind Fits All: A Note About Your Coffee Grinds

It's not just about the beans and brew methods on international coffee day, the way you grind the coffee matters too

By now you probably know the type of coffee you like and the way you want to brew it, but that doesn’t mean you can snag any bag of coffee grinds and call it a day. Different methods of brewing demand different textures to your coffee. A Chemex pour would need your coffee ground to a sand-like texture, whereas a French Press will need a sea-salt consistency to your coffee grinds.

Fortunately, you don’t need to guess. As long as you know the brewing method you want to utilize, you can buy the coffee pre-ground to the style you’ll be using to make your cup of joe.

If you buy a whole bean bag of coffee, you’ll need to grind the coffee yourself. No need to fret on that though. Get a good coffee grinder, learn how it works, and grind away. The benefit of whole bean is that you get a better, fresher taste if you store the coffee properly, and the notes in the coffee – both taste and aroma – will be significantly highlighted. 


Ready to Start Brewing?

This is only your start to making your own perfect cup of coffee, but there’s still plenty more to learn. Coffee is an art, and as Hugh Jackman once said, “the smell of fresh-made coffee is one of the world’s greatest inventions.” So get started and start enjoying your coffee the way you made it!

Look for the best International Coffee Day deals when you shop with Piggy, including 3% cashback and 25% off coffee beans at Peet’s Coffee through September 29.


8 Coffee-Loving Fictional Characters We’d Have a Coffee with on International Coffee Day

of all the different pokemon, only detective pikachu has a real love and affinity for coffee

International Coffee Day is September 29, and everyone knows that celebrating a holiday is spent best with friends and family. What better way to spend a day saluting coffee than having a cup of coffee with a friend or family and sharing some good conversation?

Unfortunately, not everyone loves coffee. Or even likes it. For as wonderful of a caffeinated beverage as it is, many people don’t take to the bitterness and acidity that coffee offers.

Worry not though, for you’re in luck: we’ve found some great fictional friends to share a cup and a conversation with this International Coffee Day. Below are just eight of the fictional people we’d love to have coffee with, along with what we’d talk to them about and what we’d order. Take a look for yourself and find out who would be your perfect coffee companion this International Coffee Day.

1. Too Much Coffee Man

too much coffee man, a hero who needs his cuppa joe

Yeah, we’re surprised this superhero exists too. Too Much Coffee Man’s origin story is that he comes from coffee shops and apartments around the world. He has alliances with Too Much Expresso Guy, Too Much German White Chocolate Woman with Almonds, and of course Underwear Guy, among others. When Too Much Coffee Man fights he is strengthened with a “manic paranoid frenzy” and almost never sleeps. 

So, yeah, we really have no explanation for why Too Much Coffee Man exists, but in a world where Batman’s nemeses include Condiment King and Calendar Man we ought to embrace the weirder side of comic book heroes. After all, haven’t we all been Too Much Coffee Man at one point or another? For example, after discovering cold brew and drinking it like it’s regular iced coffee. Not that this happened before or anything.

What we’d drink with them: Coffee. Extra large. Black.

What we’d talk about: The fact they literally exist.


2. The Worm Guys from Men in Black

the worm guys from men in black drinking coffee

Men in Black was one of those iconic 90s movies, but now you really only see on TV or at some kind of “movies in the park” event. Yet, every time it’s on, it’s magnetizing. Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith hunting down aliens? Sign us up! 

If there’s one thing this movie proved though, it’s that even extraterrestrial life forms love the otherworldly delight of a good cup of joe. 

Point in case: the worm guys. They hang out in the break room crushing coffee by the pot and making quips at anyone who walks in. They’re as quick with a witty remark as they are to freshen up their mugs, and rightfully so – the Men in Black HQ is open 37 hours a day. Yeah, we don’t know how the math works either, but that’s what they say. And to be honest, with hours like that, we’d probably be drinking coffee by the pot too.

What we’d drink with them: A drip brew with whatever coffee grind was closest to the brewer at that moment.

What we’d talk about: How MIB is open for 37 hours a day if the earth fully rotates on a 24 hour schedule. Also what space drink is most comparable to coffee.


3. Agent Dale Cooper from Twin Peaks

special agent dale cooper from twin peaks loves his coffee

Twin Peaks was an interesting show. Please note that when we say interesting we mean it took you on a wild ride that, years later, we’re still not sure we completely understand.

However, there are some things that you can pick up on without having to watch the show a few times through (and dive into message boards to dissect every scene). One of those things is Special Agent Dale Cooper’s love for “a damn fine cup of coffee.” Heck, he’s given us some of the best quotes about coffee we try to live by to this day, such as:

  • “Never drink coffee that has been anywhere near a fish.” This is just good advice for anyone, regardless of whether or not you like fish.
  • “I only have time for coffee.” Perfect for when you need to avoid a meeting or conversation in the office. And our personal favorite…
  • “I’m going to let you in on a little secret: every day, once a day, give yourself a present. Don’t plan it; don’t wait for it; just let it happen. It could be a new shirt in a men’s store, a catnap in your office chair, or two cups of good, hot, black, coffee.”

Special Agent Dale Cooper: you’re a tad eccentric, but your philosophical views on coffee could be a guide to life. 

What we’d drink with them: Good, hot, black, coffee.

What we’d talk about: We would probably just sit there and listen to Agent Cooper talk about his love for coffee. Maybe occasionally ask what is actually going on in the show.


4. Everyone from the show Friends

friends at central perk the perfect place for international coffee day

This is the low-hanging fruit on the list, but we would be remiss if we didn’t mention Friends. I mean, their hangout spot is a coffee shop called Central Perk and acts as a meeting ground. Central Perk is possibly one of the most iconic fictional coffee shops in the history of media, and it only makes sense that its lore is heightened by the high and persistent popularity of Friends. In fact, it’s so legendary that two years ago a dedicated fan even figured out how many cups of coffee each one of the Friends consumed.

Friends was and still is a cultural icon, and in the era of online media binging it’s a crown jewel to any stream service’s catalog – and soon it will be HBO’s. No matter how old it gets though, it’s hard not to imagine how fun it might be hanging with the group at Central Perk.

What we’d drink with them: A double latte for $2.75

What we’d talk about: Honestly, the smelly cat song. 


5. Francis York Morgan from Deadly Premonition

Francis York Morgan from Deadly Premonition loves coffee

Imagine taking the weirdness of Twin Peaks and turning it into one of the most polarizing video games ever made. The weirdness and eeriness from Twin Peaks heads into Deadly Premonition, along with the main character’s love for coffee. In fact, coffee plays a critical role in the gameplay experience, though we don’t want to spoil it for you. If you’re interested you can actually check out the game yourself as it just got re-released for the Nintendo Switch, and a sequel is in the works!

What we’d drink with them: A coffee that gives us foreboding warnings about things to come. 

What we’d talk about: The weirdness of that previous statement.


6. Tina Belcher from Bob’s Burgers

tina belcher from bob's burgers has an espresso and coffee obsession

Tina Belcher has many obsessions, from boys (and their backsides) to horses. But hands down one of her best obsessions comes when Tina tries espresso and immediately becomes obsessed with coffee. She talks fast because there’s so much on her mind she needs to get out, sprints to keep up with her crush, and loses her mind when the espresso machine in the restaurant is pawned by her mother.

Tina’s love affair with coffee may have only lasted one episode, but it was one of the most memorable romances Tina has had throughout the entire show. Who knows though, as Bob’s Burgers heads into its 10th season (with a movie on the way) maybe “Tina x Coffee” will return to us.

What we’d drink with them: A thermos filled to the brim with espresso.

What we’d talk about: Hair bangs, Jimmy Jr., and the multiverses of Equestranauts.


7. Dave Grohl

dave grohl and his coffee obsession in fresh pots

Okay, so not technically a fictional character, but much like Keanu Reeves, the Foo Fighters frontman seems to transcend simple rockstar status and into something much bigger. Whether it’s a cameo appearance on Drunk History or hanging out at Piece Pizza in Wicker Park, Chicago, Dave Grohl is an all-around legendary dude.

One of his best random appearances may be in an old viral video, “Dave Grohl in FRESH POTS!” It’s hard to describe, you better just watch for yourself:

Dave Grohl: legendary music creator, legendary coffee drinker. Hey Dave, if you read this, personal request: my fiancee said our first dance could be to Everlong but only if you show up and play it acoustic in person. Consider this my “putting it out into the world” effort and come on by? We’ll have Piece Pizza for you if you do!

What we’d drink with them: Fresh pots. Duh.

What we’d talk about: Hanging out on the L train in Chicago. Favorite stops. 


8 Detective Pikachu from Detective Pikachu

of all the different pokemon, only detective pikachu has a real love and affinity for coffee

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for 20-some years, chances are you’ve heard of Pokemon. The most iconic Pokemon globally, without question, is Pikachu. From being the key Pokemon in the show to having thousands of pieces of merchandise with his face on it, Pikachu is synonymous with Nintendo and Pokemon. So it’s not a surprise the Pikachu got his own movie (voiced by Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds no less) called Detective Pikachu.

What’s this have to do with coffee? Well, the Pikachu in Detective Pikachu is unique in a few ways. He can speak English, solve crimes, and he is obsessed with coffee. Even in the game by the same name, his deep affinity for the caffeinated beverage is evident — and even knows quite a bit about it. In the movie, he notes that he can quit anytime he likes, but that doesn’t seem to stop him from consuming it as fast as he can.

What we’d drink with them: Any cup of coffee. We’re hanging with Pikachu after all!

What we’d talk about: Life as a detective. And a Pokemon. Also, what it’s like living in a Pokeball. Not him per se, but in general.

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