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How To Make Sure You’re Getting Quality School Essentials For Your Kids

Make it the best school year yet, both for your child and your wallet.
Make it the best school year yet, both for your child and your wallet.


School supplies are the tools your kids will use to reach their full potential, so not just anything will do. While finding bargains feels great, it’s not worth saving a little money if you’re buying low-quality things that will break and need to be replaced.

So how do you make sure your kids board the bus with nothing but the best? Keep these tips in mind, and get the most value possible out of every dollar using Piggy:

1. Chat Up Other Parents

If your child is entering third grade this year, there’s no greater expert on what she’ll actually need than the parents of a kid who just finished third grade. You can get advice about what type of supplies your kid will need and which books you can find at Barnes & Noble, where you’ll get 2 percent cash back with Piggy.

2. Scout Supplies In-Store

Buying online is convenient and lets you save money, but you should see what you’re buying in advance. Take scouting trips to Staples and make note of which notebooks seem most durable and which binders have the most pockets, then buy online and get 3 percent cash back.

3. Think Worst-Case Scenario

Debating between a $20 backpack and a $60 backpack? Think about what the consequences might be if you buy the cheaper one. If the strap breaks or the seams tear, your child could be in real discomfort or even lose things. Check out Walmart‘s huge selection of backpacks and get 2 percent cash back.

4. Buy in Bulk

Once you know that you’ve found high-quality supplies, buy some in bulk. Your child will need basics like notebooks, binders, and pencils all year, so stock up now when stores have good deals. Office Depot is great for buying in bulk, and when you get 3.5 percent cash back, you’ll save big.

5. Consult the School

Whenever you’re torn between calculator A and calculator B, call the school’s main office or contact your child’s teacher. They’re experts on school essentials and can help you make the right call about things like whether your child needs name-brand art supplies, or whether Target‘s store brand (which gives you 1 percent cash back) will do.


Set yourself and your child up for an awesome new year of learning and growing! And we’re sure your wallet will also agree that a bright year is truly up ahead.

Beauty Cheats That Will Save You a Ton of Money

Money you save on beauty products is money in the bank. Save it for a rainy day, or spend it on things you love!
Money you save on beauty products is money in the bank. Save it for a rainy day, or spend it on things you love!


Makeup is a ton of fun. Nearly half of all women rely on beauty products to enhance their look and create a polished appearance, says a recent study by the Harris poll. Just a little bit of color on your lips or eyelids can dramatically change how you look!

We at Piggy love makeup, and we love sharing fun, foolproof makeup tips and life hacks like these with you. We’re big believers in making every dollar count, which is why we’ve designed our free browser extension that finds deals and discounts while you shop. How does 20 percent off hair care and styling products from Shu Uemura sound? Or free shipping and samples from Black Opal? Or free shipping on any beauty purchase from Younkers?

We know makeup’s expensive: Did you know that the average woman owns 40 makeup products? That’s according to a study commissioned by Poshly and Stowaway Cosmetics. And they don’t come cheap! With these handy tips (and a few Piggy discounts) you can save some serious dough and still look your best.

Beauty on a Budget

Free samples. Lots of high-end beauty stores give out free samples regularly. There’s usually a limit on how much you can take, but these little samples go a long way. Plus, you can try out brands or colors you might not otherwise explore, so you can purchase with confidence later on.

Make it stretch! Don’t toss that container! If your lipliner is dry, try putting the (sealed) container in some hot water to melt it so it flows again. Do this with clumpy mascara too, or add a few drops of saline solution. And putting your last few drops of perfume into lotion is a perfect way to stretch your scent.

Buy bigger sizes. If you know you’ll use a makeup product, buy it in a larger size. As with most things, you save when you buy bulk.

Get destructive. A lot of times, you still have good makeup, but can’t access it thanks to the container’s shape. Don’t be afraid to take the sifters and stoppers off makeup containers to get at the good stuff inside.

Substitute. High-end products are great, but often you can get away with something else. No-tears baby shampoo, for instance, is a terrific makeup remover. And if you’ve got a color of lipstick you don’t like, you can often use it as a primer for your favorite color, so it’ll have better staying power.


Money you save on beauty products is money in the bank. Save it for a rainy day, or spend it on things you love! By harnessing the power of free samples, learning to stretch your products, and finding incredible discounts through Piggy, you can save some serious cash and transform your life.

How To Make The Most Out Of The Remaining Days Of Summer

Now is the time to plan the activities that will round out your summer perfectly!


It’s already July, so the days are getting shorter. Are you making the most of what remains of summer? You could lounge on your back porch drinking iced tea, but now is the perfect time to explore the world. You don’t even have to spend a king’s ransom to soak up the rest of the season like royalty. At Piggy, we love helping you find the best deals to maximize your life, so you know we have some recommendations for turning this time of the year up a notch…

1. Take a Last-Minute Summer Trip

With Piggy discounts from major online travel agencies, you can afford to take off on a spontaneous long weekend. Pack your bags for Seattle to see their world famous fish market or jet off to Florida where you can sun yourself on South Beach and then enjoy some divine Cuban coffee.

2. Enjoy Spa Treatments

Everyone could use a massage or facial, especially when you’ve been out running around under the sun. You may not live the glamorous life of a Real Housewife, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pamper yourself like one from time to time. Shop Groupon for a great deal on spa treatments in your area.

3. Tackle a New Skill

If you’ve always wanted to take a baking class or give yoga a try, add it to your summer bucket list. When you head into autumn with a new skill under your belt, you can keep having fun and savoring memories long after Labor Day. You can get a Piggy discount for many activities when you sign up on LivingSocial.

4. Update Your Wardrobe

You still have time to show off your legs or wow everyone in a brand new bathing suit! Shop spectacular deals at your favorite department store. In fact, the last half of summer is the best time to fill up your closet with sale items that will still be in style next year. Of course, Piggy has tons of clothing deals with your favorite stores.

5. Focus on Fitness

If getting into your swimsuit reminded you about the few pounds you put on last winter, it’s not too late to get svelte before September. Get efficient home workout allies from Titan Fitness or book a workout class now, and you can boost your endorphins while you get in shape.


Summer is well under way, blink and it’ll be Labor Day! Now is the time to plan the activities that will perfectly round out your vacation time. Grab some great deals today, and you’ll make this summer one to remember!

Back-to-School Hacks We Can Learn From These Hollywood Moms

You can't avoid the expense of back-to-school shopping, but you don't need to overspend, either.
You can’t avoid the expense of back-to-school shopping, but you don’t need to overspend, either.


We at Piggy know that getting ready for the new school year can be tough. You might have to juggle different pick-up and drop-off times, several school locations, and a ton of other details, all while keeping your kids upbeat and excited about school. Hands-on moms everywhere face the same challenge, even celebrities, but they have developed some nifty tips and tricks to help turn the stress of a first day into an exciting and fun challenge:


1. Take the Kids Shopping

In the last few weeks before school starts, bring the kids along on shopping trips. They can help pick out backpacks, lunch bags, and other accessories, engaging them in the preparation. Rachel Zoe offers plenty of fashion tips for getting ready, for you and the kids. “Back to school to me is always about layers… Just things you can layer and mix and match with,” she said in an interview with US Weekly.

Plus, the kids get to pick out things that excite them, making them happy about the upcoming first day, not nervous. You can even shop at a discount if you showroom in the store and use online coupons from our Piggy browser extension to help with the cost at stores like Macy’s and Kohls, where you can earn 5 percent and three percent cash back on top of their deal offerings.

2. Label Everything

Kids lose things. It’s almost inevitable, so be proactive and take the time to label everything, like Courtney Lopez, wife of Extra host Mario Lopez, who shared with Newsday that, “in order to avoid losing her stuff at school, we label all of Gia’s school supplies and clothes with Mabel’s Labels.” Make sure backpacks, lunch bags, thermoses and supplies have a label with your child’s name. You can stock up on ink and toner to print your labels at 4InkJets, all at a discount through a Piggy special offer.

3. Bargain Shop

Even celebrities watch the bottom line when buying kids clothes, according to TV star Bethenny Frankel on her website, bethenny.com. Why pay full price for clothes your kids will outgrow in a matter of weeks? You can get great brands at stores like Target, and avoid paying full price with Piggy.

4. Planning Lunches

Elisabeth Hasselbeck knows how difficult it can be to manage restricted diets. Her kids eat gluten-free (check out her gluten-free recipes on her website)! When you need to manage lunch and snacks for the kids, be sure to plan their options ahead of time. That way you can pack healthy and appealing lunches that won’t trigger any allergies or other issues. Walmart and other retailers offer a lot of gluten-free options, so be sure to get your 2 percent cash back when you shop through Piggy.

5. Get Organized

When you have kids who need to get to different schools on a schedule, it pays to get organized, according to Brooke Burke-Charvet in an interview with Working Mother. This mother of four manages three different schools and their different schedules during the school year. Do a dry run ahead of time to make sure you can manage without too much stress on that all-important first day. No one wants to be late. You can even grab your folders and other organizational tools at Staples for less with several coupon offers through Piggy.


Repeat after us: You can’t avoid the expense of back-to-school shopping, but you don’t need to overspend, either!

Take Your Money A Long Way In These US States With Our Smart Shopping Hacks

Shopping online helps you unearth the best bargains from unique places all over America!
Shopping online helps you unearth the best bargains from unique places all over America!


Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, souvenir shopping is often a prerequisite. Did you know that 40 percent of Internet users make purchases online several times each month? That’s according to an article on statistics portal Statista. Now, depending where in the United States you’re going, there are actually smart shopper secrets that can take your budget really far…

Strolling for Sweets in San Francisco, California

While visiting San Francisco, seasoned travelers often purchase Ghirardelli chocolates, ice cream toppings, or other treats to take back home. This allows you to savor the delectable sweets while reminiscing about your adventures in this gorgeous city. You can get 5 percent cash back and a free hot cocoa sample with every order.

Quality Furniture Finds in North Carolina

If decorating is your passion, you can’t miss a trip to some of the furniture stores in High Point, North Carolina. They’re famous for manufacturing quality pieces at affordable prices. The Piggy browser extension can help you score furniture bargains. Get extra 10 percent off the furniture price and also 2 percent cash back.


Fashionista Finds for the Style Diva in New York City, New York

While visiting famous New York City, you will probably want to invest in some designer clothing. NYC, after all, is considered one of the world’s fashion capitals. By shopping online at Michael Kors, you can get up to 50 percent off and 4 percent cash back.

Puzzling Over History in Washington, DC

A trip to D.C. just wouldn’t be the same without visiting the Smithsonian, International Spy Museum, and other interesting places to learn about the history of our great nation. A great way to memorialize your favorite monument, historical site, or president is to buy a puzzle as a unique souvenir. Get 10 percent off all brain teasers, games, puzzles, and other fun stuff by visiting Puzzle Master.

Cowboy Up Down in Dallas, Texas

When you mosey on down to Dallas, Texas, you’ll likely yearn for some leather apparel, whether it’s boots, purses, coats, or other leather goods. Wrangle big savings by lassoing 5 percent cash back and $10 off a $100 order at Wilson’s Leather.

Magical Finds in Orlando, Florida

Your trip to Disney World wouldn’t be complete without some gifts to take back home to delight your friends and family. You can get 40 percent off some of your favorite Disney products and 3 percent cash back on all your purchases via Piggy.

Bringing Back the Beef From Chicago, Illinois

The Chicago Steak Company offers some of the nation’s finest steaks, from flat iron steak to filet mignon. Score up to 6 percent cash back and free shipping when you order online.


Taking advantage of the handy Piggy browser extension is a savvy way to find the most fabulous bargains before, during, and after your travels. Shopping online helps you unearth the best bargains from unique places all over America!

How To Save On Your Next Night Out Without Depriving Yourself

Be the life of the party without that dreaded fear of missing out.
Be the life of the party without that dreaded fear of missing out.


Nothing beats unwinding after a long week at work, especially when it involves a hot night on the town. Painting the town red too often, however, can take a toll on your wallet. Maybe that’s why more than 60 percent of millennials are skimping on nightlife. “A survey by ULI/Lachman Associates dictates that only slightly higher than 60% of all millennials spend time at nightclubs. Of that 60%, only 25% spend time at nightclubs more than once a month. The millennials who go to nightclubs say they mostly go for ‘special occasions,’ like bachelor/bachelorette parties, viewing a specific DJ, attending a celebrity event, or going out to explore party capitals like NYC and Las Vegas,” said an article by millennial online magazine New Theory. Don’t let that be you!

You deserve to lift your spirits and get in on the party, even when you’re tempted to deprive yourself of life’s simple pleasures. Thankfully, now you can get out on the town and save money at the same time. We at Piggy have made it our mission to bring you the best online deals and discounts, and to help you level up your way of living with fun, foolproof life hacks. Check out our tips:

1. Save on Shoes

Who doesn’t love shoes? Choose a shiny new pair through one of our special offers, and get out in style for a fraction of the price. You can save online at discount retailers or get deep discounts at your favorite department stores. Either way, you’ll be ready to go out in style!

2. Wine and Dine

We’ve got the inside scoop on some of the best wine sellers around. Fill your glass with a refreshing variety! You can get wine by the bottle or find deals at fancy restaurants, coffee and wine bars, and nightlife destinations. The choice is up to you!

3. Get Away

Save on airfare to an exciting destination, or bundle a hotel stay or weekend getaway into your plans. With these savings, you’ll be enjoying the nightlife in a happening city in no time.

4. Unwind with Deep Discounts

No matter what you have in mind for your special night out, you can use thousands of offers to save on everything from the cab to your catchy accessories. The savings you’ll find are on point and on trend, giving you the tools you need to make every moment count.

5. Keep Cash in Your Pocket

You can even tap into offers for cash back, keeping more of your hard-earned cash in your pocket. Earn 2 percent to 7 percent cash back almost every time you shop online (sometimes as much as 20 percent!), and take advantage of opportunities for double cash back.


Be the life of the party without that dreaded fear of missing out. You’ll look sharp, indulge in fine food, jet off to trendy destinations and save on travel and entertainment in the process, all while keeping more money in your pocket by taking advantage of these cool discounts.

7 Amazing Alternatives To Amazon


Did you know that 16 hours before America ever got a taste of the huge discounts and major deals that came with Amazon’s Prime Day, it was actually the Land of the Rising Sun that got first dibs on experiencing this made-up holiday? Amazon.jp crashed because of the flurry of orders, something that the Amazon team was not expecting. This one event changed the landscape of Prime Day’s future success worldwide.

Fast forward to 2018 and Amazon Prime Day outperformed its sales in 2018 from 2017 by 74%! The internet juggernaut estimated it’s sales hit $4.19 Billion during the 36 Amazon Prime Day event. Making Amazon Prime Day in 2018 a  massive win for Amazon. While many of us are crazy about the discounts Amazon offers, listen up: Major retailers have been noticing Amazon’s success and taking note! As Amazon has been gobbling up the online market share of orders, other retailers have also been launching massive sales to win customers back before it’s too late. This means more and more opportunities to save and get cash back—such great news for consumers!

We’ve compiled a list of seven irresistible alternatives to Amazon that offer great savings, customer service, and free shipping. Happy shopping!

1. Groupon

Groupon is always teeming with unbelievable discounts, and their 80% Off clearance section has some of the trendiest products at the best prices to ever exist online. Shop for anything and everything for yourself, your home, your family, and even gifts for friends. Check out Groupon’s latest coupons and deals here. Top it offer Groupon offers some of the best travel deals on the web. When you combine this with the typical coupons and cashback offered through Piggy. You can get eveything from sandals to a vacation at an extremely low price.

2. Walmart

It’s no secret that Walmart is doing everything it can to take on its main rival. Free 2 Day Shipping over $35, low-price matching guarantees, and deep discounts on site to store shipping options—Walmart’s game plan is all about winning back that budget conscious consumer online. Now is the perfect time to take advantage of this feud and shop for everything on that long list of yours! They will likely even do Price Matching if you feel you can get a better deal elsewhere.

3. Ebay

What can be better than the irresistible variety of deals available on eBay that covers practically anything and everything we need in our lives? I used to think of ebay as a used only online outlet store. However, in recent years that’s no longer true; ebay offers everything you want at usually incredibly low prices. Best of all, the shipping is almost always free with no minimum. I’ve bought so many random gadgets and books from ebay well under $5 and never paid for shipping once. I also love their mobile and desktop checkout experience. It’s very friction less and makes shopping online a breeze.

4. Shoes.com

For the longest time, I have always been a huge fan of Zappos. It was simple, hassle-free, and usually more cost effective to shop there than anywhere else. Zappos was acquired by Amazon in 2009 and slowely and surely it seems prices became less competitive and more like the retail juggernaut itself. When I found Shoes.com, formerly Shoebuy, I was delighted. Their site is super user-friendly, always offers free shipping and returns and there is always a huge sale and/or coupons to use. There is no point in looking anywhere else, because this site has it all. Shoes.com seems to always have the lowest price and you can earn 9 percent cashback on every order with them using Piggy. With a family of 4, believe me I have saved a ton of money using this hassle free site.

5. Kohl’s

Kohl’s is always a fantastic alternative for all your clothing and home needs. Being a heavy promotional site and brand by nature, there is always a good coupon or sale to be had here. Up for a new wardrobe, or bedroom or kitchen set? With their Back 2 School sales kicking off now, items are deeply discounted. This isn’t just your everyday run of the mill, no name brands either. We are talking 70% off name brand clothing and shoes like Nike, Skechers, and more. To view a complete list of their coupons and deals, go here.

6. Macy’s

Brace yourselves, because Macy’s just made its Christmas season right smack in the middle of summer! Their current coupons and savings promotions will leave you speechless and your pockets full. Mind you, they’re not kidding when they advertised “great savings and deals.” You’ll be in awe of the discounts you’ll find, with many 50 percent to 75 percent off or more. This event ends very soon, take advantage of it while you can!

7. Saks 5th Avenue

Calling all luxury aficionados! Often offering a discount section of 65% off or more, the Saks 5th Avenue or  Saks Off 5th Avenue programs are always an excellent alternative. This particular program focuses on high-end luxury item closeouts. What does this mean for you? By buying your luxury goods from them vs Amazon, you will likely save 40 percent to 50 percent on every purchase. Plus, you no longer have to worry about whether or not the item you are buying is actually from the designer (as opposed to Amazon, which usually strings together multiple sellers for the same product so you never truly know if you are buying a legit item or not). When it comes to the luxury space, the Sak’s program is your best friend.


There surely is more to online shopping, and to life, than just Amazon. The coolest thing about these deals and discounts from other brands is, you’re guaranteed to save money on anything and everything—from topnotch brands and in their most authentic form, at that. Be a truly budget savvy shopper by getting out of your comfort zone and milking these sales offers for all they’re worth. We bet you’ll have such a blast! And your wallet will, no doubt, be very grateful to you not just now, but in the long run.

How To Be A Bridechilla

A real bridechilla knows how to stretch a dollar, and that includes taking advantage of the great deals.
A real bridechilla knows how to stretch a dollar, and that includes taking advantage of the great deals.


Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. On this day, you deserve only the best, which means not just an amazing time, or for you to look as glamorous as possible—but also for the planning process to be smooth and painless.

This may sound easier to say than do, what with all the coordination and decision-making involved in planning a wedding. But here’s the deal: Most of the stress comes from your own perspective.

Being a bridechilla is all about keeping your cool and staying optimistic in the midst of the stress or things not going your way. It’s about keeping an open mind and being flexible, without compromising your personal taste, and is mostly about enjoying the whole process because the prize at the end makes it all worthwhile.

What Is a Bridechilla?

A bridechilla is cool and relaxed. She wants everyone to be happy and never puts ridiculous demands on anyone.

A bridechilla remains calm and easy going during the entire wedding planning experience. She puts her focus on the reason behind the celebration: Her and her future husband. A bridechilla would never say things like, “Don’t ruin my day!”. Your wedding day is just one of the many milestones you will have in your life, so keep your cool.

Bridechillas don’t care about throwing the biggest and most expensive party of the decade. Keep your focus on the end goal—your marriage—and don’t worry about whose wedding was the most elaborate.

A bridechilla does her best. And if a few minor things don’t go exactly as planned, no big deal.

The most important trait of a bridechilla is her ability to remember the end result. She will be married to the man of her dreams. Your wedding is only one day out of your life. Your marriage is forever.

Plus, a real bridechilla knows how to stretch a dollar and that includes taking advantage of the great deals offered by Piggy like these ones that will surely help you rake in the savings for your wedding:

  • 30 percent off your order from 1800flowers
  • Up to 25 percent off at Park Plaza Hotels
  • Up to 80 percent off your honeymoon in Bali, Barcelona, and more from Agoda
  • 3 percent cash back on all orders at Kohl’s for giveaways and trinkets
  • 30% off $30+ Rings from Jeulia Jewelry


Planning a wedding should be a great experience, and it will be if you remember the traits of a bridechilla and just enjoy yourself!

Educational Toys With Benefits Your Children Will Love

Learning doesn't only happen in the classroom! Help your kids prepare for lifelong success with educational toys.
Learning doesn’t only happen in the classroom! Help your kids prepare for lifelong success with educational toys.


The average American family spends nearly $500 on toys for each child per year. Want to stretch your budget and your child’s imagination at the same time? Of course you do! We’ve found seven toys that will benefit your children, and the best part is you can get them at awesome prices when you install the Piggy browser extension.


1. A Tablet

Screen time can be great for growing minds if you choose a tablet loaded with games that teach math and reading skills. Avoid tablets that allow kids to access the internet so you can be sure whenever your kids are using the device, they’re actively learning (not surfing).

Look for: Fisher Price Learning Tablet (available on Walmart.com, check out our cool Walmart deals that come with 2 percent cash back).

2. An Art Set

Creating works of art helps kids build fine motor skills and build their spatial awareness. Research also shows that kids who are involved in the arts are more likely to be academic achievers than kids who aren’t.

Look for: Art 101 Jr. Artist Set  (available on Walmart.com, check out our cool Walmart deals that come with 2 percent cash back).

3. Engineering Kits

Encourage your kids to love math and science from an early age by bringing home a kid-friendly engineering kit, which allows them to build their own creations out of simple objects.

Look for: GoldieBlox and the Builder’s Survival Kit  (available on Walmart.com, check out our cool Walmart deals that come with 2 percent cash back).

4. Magnet Blocks

Great for toddlers and preschoolers, magnet blocks are like a stepping stone to engineering toys. Kids can learn about angles and shapes, practice problem solving, and develop their motor skills.

Look for: Magformers Magnets in Motion (available on Target.com; we have great Target deals that come with 1 percent cash back).

5. Music Makers

Like art supplies, music toys encourage creativity and motor skills. They might be loud, but music toys are a hit with kids. If you’re raising the next Beethoven, instruments are essential!

Look for: B. toys Parum Pum Pum (available on Target.com; we have great Target deals that come with 1 percent cash back).

6. Book Creators

Some kids think of books as those boring things that their teachers make them read. Show them just how much fun can be found in a book by helping them create their own.

Look for: Illustory, Make Your Own Book! (available on Walmart.com, check out our cool Walmart deals that come with 2 percent cash back).

7. Coding Teachers

Coding is one of the most important skills you can give your kids to help them succeed in the future. Get them started down the path with toys that teach them how to program and problem-solve.

Look for: Learning Resources STEM Robot Mouse Coding Activity Set (available on Target.com; we have great Target deals that come with 1 percent cash back).


Learning doesn’t only happen in the classroom: Help your kids prepare for lifelong success with educational toys. You’ll feel great knowing that they’re having fun and building their skills at the same time!

Housewarming Gifts Any New Homeowner Will Surely Swoon Over

For housewarming gifts as amazing as the discounts, piggyback off the Piggy browser extension!
For housewarming gifts as amazing as the discounts, piggyback off the Piggy browser extension!


No matter where one may reside, moving to a new location is always a huge deal. Moreover, in the case of a close friend, this occasion can be downright epic. While you don’t want to break the bank, neither should you give your friend some cheap, bargain basement item. Luckily, the following list of potential gifts should help you come up with plenty of great ideas for your friend’s housewarming. And best of all? Each of these items can be purchased at a discounted price using the Piggy browser extension!

Kohls Welcome Mats

Welcome mats are a great gift idea that’s often overlooked. In recent years, they have created a wide variety of unique, stylish welcome mats. Simply choose one that matches your friend’s style and watch their eyes light up when they open it. For instance, this cute little welcome mat comes with a 15 percent discount (off $100) as well as 3 percent cash back!

Sears’ Tool Kit

Furthermore, you know your “bestie” better than we do. So, you’ll know if she’s the type to have tools or the type who needs them. Although your friend may have zero interest in making her own repairs, she will be eternally indebted to you when she is able to hang her own flat screen without scouring the web for help. For instance, this adorable toolkit is perfect for a young woman and comes with a coupon for an extra 15 percent off as well as 2 percent cash back.

iPod Shower Speaker

Although you may receive a side eye once she catches a glimpse of the iPod packaging, when she opens this gift she will be shower-singing your praises for years to come. An iPod speaker is a waterproof way to enjoy your music while you’re cleaning or showering. If your strapped for cash, there are various generic and brand name shower speakers available that also come with an extra 15 percent off and 2 percent cash back.


Overall, housewarmings are a big deal and although you want to get your friend a great gift, there is no reason to break the bank to do it. However, if none of these gift ideas work for you, feel free to peruse the items offered by Piggy‘s partner brands (we have over two thousand!)!