4 Last-Minute Holiday Shopping Deals


Oh no. It happened, didn’t it? The holidays crept up and crept up, and deal after deal came and went. There were vague ideas of what to get for the people you need to shop for, but not a whole lot of shopping done. Or maybe you got that shopping done, but you need something to really seal the gift-giving deal.

Either way, there’s no need to fret. You still have plenty of holiday shopping deals available to you – and many will ensure you can put something under the tree in a couple days. Well, in theory anyway!

Let’s help you out, our last-minute holiday shopper, with some last-minute holiday shopping deals and cashback available right now!

Groupon: 25% off Activities, Massages, Dining & More plus up to 7% Cashback

Have you ever heard the phrase “the greatest gift you can give is giving a great memory”? No? That’s cause we just made it up, right on the spot. Or maybe we heard it somewhere and forgot. Not important. Here’s what is important: your great gift. It doesn’t need to be materialistic or wrapped in a great big box. Your gift can be a promise for a future memory together in a favorite or new activity. Or maybe this can be a day off at the spa with massages. It can be a night on the town with a good dinner to start the evening. It can be whatever fits you and your loved one best because great memories last longer and mean more. And, just like a great present, you can get great deals on activities. Groupon made sure of that when they put 25% off activities as a deal with us, not to mention the 7% cashback. It sounds like a win-win because it is one.

Shop Groupon deals and cashback at Piggy

Kohl’s: Multiple Percent-Off Deals and up to 2% Cashback

Here’s what’s great about shopping at Kohl’s: there’s something for everyone. Okay, that’s a little basic. Let’s try this: There’s something for you to get everyone that they’ll love. New hoodie of your favorite team? Check. Video games? Yup. Kitchen appliances? We said everything, and we meant everything. And an “everything” type of place need and offer for everyone. Good thing Kohl’s has exactly that with Piggy. They have multiple offers available now, so you can choose what’s right for your gift shopping. Free shipping is available, but if you can’t wait (and let’s be honest, the reason you’re here is because of waiting in some sense) they also offer in-store pickup. Get your savings online, get your products almost instantly. Like we said: something for everyone.

Shop Kohl’s deals and cashback at Piggy

Home Chef: 3 Free Meals and $8 Cashback (First Purchase Only)

Do you happen to have someone in your life who wants to cook more? Know someone who loves cooking already, but just doesn’t have the time to put up with a grocery store? Is there someone who recently said to you they don’t know what chutney is and you’ve decided to help them expand their culinary palette? Home Chef will do the work for you, so you just need to get them a subscription to get started. They pick their meals, Home Chef sends the ingredients and instructions, they do the work. It’s like LEGOs for the kitchen. And let’s be honest: cooking ramen bricks with a coffee mug in a dorm room microwave was fine in college, but post-grad life makes that pretty depressing.

Shop Home Chef deals and cashback at Piggy

JCPenny: 25% off $100 or more purchase, other coupons, and up to 5% Cashback

Listen, let us level with you: you know what JCPenny is. We know you know, you know you know. Let’s not fool around with what you’ll find at JCP cause you already know what it is: great deals and great products. So let’s just cut to the chase: 25% off when you make a purchase $100 or more. It works both in-store and online (so in-store pickup is a solid yes we’re guessing). You probably have a JCP right by you. If you order by 3 pm you can do same day pickup. You can probably find a card or wrapping paper in-store while you’re picking up the gifts. There are tons of other coupons available. This one is easy-breezy. You shouldn’t even be reading this blog post anymore, you should be out shopping. Time is a factor after all!

Shop JCPenny deals and cashback at Piggy

We weren’t kidding just now: time is limited. Today is Festivus, tomorrow is Christmas Eve, Hanukkah is well underway (the first night was last night). Head out there and get some great gifts with these great last-minute holiday deals! Oh, and check out Piggy for more deals available.